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  1. avatar AmberA. says:

    Hey Debra, I am looking for some old P.I. guidelines if you have some please ma’am.

  2. avatar Bill S says:

    Hi Family, Looking for a copy of ‘Welcome to Our World’ , remember hearing it said before closing prayer at meetings & other functions. One year at HOLP addicts attended from 4 countries / 9 states, left a lasting impression.
    If any of you remember, I would grateful.

    Currently living in Fayetteville, AR

    Thanx, Bill

  3. avatar Raymond M. says:

    Hello, Debra B. I forgot how to post The Outreach Schedule on their!

  4. avatar Juggle_r8 says:

    Thanks to Point of Turning Group for your gracious hospitality yesterday at the area meeting 🙂 —— Marty S.

  5. avatar pam m. says:

    Hey Deb, The Ozark Area will be having a Conference Agenda Report, CAR, and a Conference Agenda Track, CAT, workshop on Sunday, March 9, 2014. It will be held at 12:30pm at the HOUSE Inc. large meeting room. The address there is 24706 State Hwy 171. Webb City, MO. I would appreciate it if you could post this somewhere prominent here on the website. Thank you.

  6. avatar kmerryman says:

    I don’t know where to post to get this paragraph added to the H&I guidelines. we voted last month to add the definition in as item E that defines The Liason. This would change the current Item E to item F. I am pasting this paragraph here in this comment field and maybe Debra can add it to our H&I guidelines and the update date in the header or footer or something?
    E. Liason- The contact between the H&I Sub-committee and a particular Hospital or Institution where a presentation is being held. The liason is the single point of accountability between the subcommittee and said facility. The liason is to report to the H&I subcommittee once a month at subcommittee meeting. Liason must have one year clean time and at least 6 months experience in the H&I work. Must be familiar with Do’s and Don’ts. Familiar with H&I guidelines. Familiar with facilities guidelines. Term is one year, from May to May.

    Thank you very much!

  7. avatar pam m. says:

    Hey Deb, Area meeting today it came up that the website was messed up somehow. I don’t go on here enough to know but I can’t tell any difference. Ed H. and Mark J. brought it up both agreeing about it. I’ve got their phone numbers if you need them.

  8. avatar pam m. says:

    Hey Deb, The NA Pamphlet, “Social Media and Our Guiding Principles” is what I found that may answer the Area’s questions. Could you put it up on our website here. I just googled the title and it took me right to it. Thanks, Could you let me know when it’s up? Love you.

  9. avatar pam m. says:

    Directions to 527 E. BJ Tunnel, Miami OK: (according to If you come into Miami on 10 you’ll go over I44 and if you come in on I44 you’ll get off at Miami exit. Go left if you come in on I44, straight if you come in on 10. Turn right on Industrial Pkwy, left on OK-10or E100 (1.4m) to 69 or Main, turn right for a mile then right on BJ Tunnel for 3/10 of a mile and you should be there.
    Subcommittee meetings and Area Business meeting on Sunday, November 17, 2013

    • avatar pam m. says:

      THE DIRECTIONS I PUT HERE ARE INCORRECT!! Please let anyone know that may have these that they are wrong. One Promise Group of Miami is excited we are coming to have Area there and I’m sorry for putting these confusing directions up. I went into Miami after work this morning and tried to follow them and got lost. Anyway here is how to get there. When you get off 44 turn left and if you take Hwy 10 cross over 44 and keep going straight. Go to Main St. and turn right. Go all the way through downtown to E. BJ Tunnel corner is where Montana Mikes is. Turn right and a little over 5 blocks is the Community of Christ Church. That’s it.

  10. avatar pam m. says:

    Hey Deb, Area is next Sun. at the meeting place in Miami, OK. I love the things moving on the website. Jackee is putting together a flier for a workshop we’re having on 12-7-13 after the noon meeting at 1330 Wall. Rob B., Regional Delegate, is coming down from St. Louis to give us a workshop on the Service Systems Project. There will be a covered dish dinner after the noon meeting and then the workshop. Actually we’re encouraging everyone to go to the noon meeting and just stay around. Hope all is well in the cold with you all. All is good here.

  11. avatar pam m. says:

    Ozark Area Service Committee meeting will be a week later in September. It will be held on September 22, 2013 at 3:00pm at 1330 Wall, Joplin, MO. Rather than have a specific group host the area meeting we will be having a covered dish dinner, Ozark Area Activities Subcommittee will be at 1:00pm and Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee will be at 2:00pm that same day and place.

  12. avatar pam m. says:

    One more thing, well a couple three more things. I talked about looking for an area inventory and I found some things I’ll have hard copies of at Area but I thought if we could have them posted here somehow that would be good if people wanted to print them out. They are from in the Guide to Local Service in NA Pages 57 through 59 and in the stuff from other areas the South Atlantic Area Service Guidelines Page 23 which is their Area Inventory format. Also in the site there is a group inventory form I thought it might be good to post. Thanks!

  13. avatar pam m. says:

    Thank you, Deb, for posting all of this stuff. Time goes by too fast and it’s just about time for Area again. Whaaat so do, what to do. Show up I guess, anyway thanks again.

  14. avatar pam m. says:

    No time, place, or date was set for the next OASC meeting, Ozark Area Service Committee meeting. It will be 3pm on August 18, 2013 at 1330 Wall, Joplin, MO. Service subcommittees will meet prior to the OASC with the AASC Area Activities Sub Committee meeting at 1:00pm and H&I Hospitals and Institutions subcommittee meeting at 2:00pm

  15. avatar pam m. says:

    Okay, we were just in Ozark Area Business Meeting this afternoon and just barely skimmed the surface of what the United States Service Conference of Narcotics Anonymous (USSCNA) and the Service System Project is so I found some websites with information and opinions. From what I can tell from what I just read the Service System Project and concerns about it have led to the United States Service Conference of NA being started. The meeting of the USSCNA will be in Kansas City in October and the flier will be found on this website. Here are the websites, see what you think if you want to wade through it. I, myself, find it fascinating because of the dynamics of growth within NA.

  16. avatar pam m. says:

    Tina P from Eldorado Springs was trying to get some different meeting times to you for the Point of Turning group, she’s the GSR. I’ll have her try to reach you here.

  17. avatar pam m. says:

    Thank you for your service, Debra! I’m just now peroosing this.

  18. avatar BigE says:

    Sending you a picture of the Ozark Area banner and a copy of the rules for capturing the banner. If you could find a place to put this on the website, the Ozark Area would be very grateful. Just got back from the Area meeting and I can’t express the feelings of all the addicts for your service. We are so thankful for you. “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!”

  19. avatar BigE says:

    I uploaded you another flyer for the one promise group in Miami. I hope you got it and can get it posted for them. Thank you for your service once again,

  20. avatar Debra B. says:

    If anyone has a color copy of the HOLF flyer, I’d love to have it!

  21. avatar mstewart49 says:

    I’m having a hard time trying to upload a flyer for an upcoming event. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

  22. avatar BigE says:

    Debra, I am so grateful for your service and updating the website. I am going to upload a HOLP flyer and a Area Birthday flyer and hope that you get them and will post this info. Thank “YOU” once again!

  23. avatar Debra B. says:

    Forum is updated and working. “Register” to leave a comment. Your comment and future comments will show after your first comment is approved by admin. Welcome!

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