Our forum is open to anyone who wants to submit comments and questions about the Ozark Area of Narcotics Anonymous. We value your opinion and want to reach and help other addicts seeking recovery.

Note that this forum is monitored. Only NA related material will be published. The OASCNA Webmaster must approve any comments before they are posted to the Forum page. You can submit comments any time. However, they will not show on the website until they are approved.

Also please remember that Narcotics Anonymous traditions provide guidelines for anonymity and OASCNA will abide by NA traditions. Nothing will be posted that does not honor the traditions and no full names will be used in a post.

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11 Responses to OASCNA Forum

  1. avatar Bob L. says:

    Hey OASCNA! Our homegroup in Sedalia is interested in obtaining a High on Life flyer. Can we find one on the internet somewhere or maybe one could be emailed to us? Thanks!

    • avatar matdefender says:

      Sorry for taking so long to reply to you, Bob. Yes, you can now download the High On Life Picnic flyer from this website on the Forum page. All information for the picnic is included.

  2. avatar Don Crockett says:

    Hay was woundering about the High on Life Pic-nic this year , have gotten a few calls about it from way out of state, they were wanting Ph. #’s and the usual do we have a draft for the web page yet for early registration? for all our OutLander NA Family! well give me a call any time been busy, Later Don Crockett 1-417-717-0789

    • avatar matdefender says:

      Hi Don. Thanks for your interest in the picnic. I apologize for taking so long to reply. You can access the flyer on this website in the Forum page.

  3. avatar Jocelyn says:


    • avatar matdefender says:

      I left meeting schedules at We Do Recover building (literature rack) on Saturday. There should still be enough for you to distribute. I will make a point to get some more to the meeting as soon as I can.

  4. avatar Indira Thavichith says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog place, continue.

  5. avatar Jocelyn says:

    Just a thought, I was looking at other’s web pages looking for contact info for all area’s H&I chairs, what do you think about putting our chair’s contact email on page?

    • avatar matdefender says:


      In response to your question about contacts… Each area has (hopefully) discussed and approved how they will post contact information on the web pages. As you have already noticed, we currently allow information exchange, including contact with our area servants, only through this forum. This allows initial information exchange between visitors to our website and the area trusted servants to be monitored and provides a central authorized transfer of information. In other words, anyone can comment on or request information through the forum but is not allowed to see mail addresses, phone numbers, home information, etc. about the area trusted servants. During the last area meeting, I mentioned that we will need to pursue this topic in a discussion at the next business meeting. I will recommend solutions and ask for a vote during that meeting. Each area servant should be thinking about how they want this information presented on the website. In the meantime, you can access this information on the Archives page, “Ozark Area Service Committee Meetings (most recent is listed first)”, dated November 2011. Scroll down until you reach the page titled “Current Trusted Servants Contact List”. If you are only suggesting this as a convenience for others that visit our website to be able to contact us, that will be the subject of the topic I will be addressing at the next business meeting. Hope this helps. Tom H.

  6. avatar Ed H. says:

    I am truly grateful for the webmaster getting the web site up and running again. I think it is a great service to our area. I am a member of the stray katz and this is the first time I have seen our meeting on the website. Thank you for your service.

  7. avatar An addict named Scott says:

    I think the Ozark Area is a great group of like minded recovering addicts, that truly do their best to follow the 5th Tradition.
    Thanks to the webmaster for their service.

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